Whenever I tattoo someone I am acutely aware that my work is going to be displayed on their skin for the rest of their life. With this knowledge I always work to the very best of my ability and my concentration is totally on the job in hand. These are just a few of the very kind comments given freely to me by my clients.

Absolutely amazing experience throughout all of my sessions while Tom designed and completed my custom made music sleeve. Over this lengthy but incredible time, me and Tom have become great friends and it's a pleasure to have his talent forever imprinted on me. This sleeve is filled with some of my most precious and close to home memories and I couldn't think of anyone else to trust with such an important piece. Thank you Tom for the awesome artwork, looking forward to more!

Had a matching sister tattoo designed by Tom and another small piece and throughout the whole process Tom was friendly, fun and professional. Will be looking to get more additions from this talented dude!

My experiences with Tom from Rag&Bone Tattoos, I first saw Tom always drawing and designing new tattoos on his iPad which I immediately liked the style of and listening to him working and chatting to people in the shop, I realised he's very down to earth and chill / respectful of his clients. His calm nature makes nervous people like myself instantly feel better and I think that's a perfect quality to have in a tattooist. I've been getting quite a few tattoos from Tom & working with him to cover my thighs in different style tattoos which he's always patient with me and works with me to get the right tattoo I'm looking for. Tom is a gentle tattooist / very soft in the way he tattoos which for me helps especially because tattoos really bloody hurt lol. Tom isn't afraid to mix things up and suggest to add or remove little things that he believes would add or take away from a tattoo. I hope to work with Tom to continue my thigh tattoos & then move on to different areas after 😊