Hi! my name is Tom Bradley. I'm a tattoo artist based in the town I grew up in, Bournemouth on the beautiful south coast of the UK. I have been tattooing for nearly a decade now, gaining extensive knowledge of the craft from everyone I have had the pleasure to work alongside.

A photograph of Tom working on a client

A lot of people ask me what my 'style' is. And honestly, I don't think I could tell you, but I think it shows in whichever category of tattoo I set my hand to. I Love to tattoo! Whether it be small or large, colour or black and grey, ornamental, new school, neo-traditional, script or abstract and chaotic. All genres, anything that gets my mind working and my heart happy.

My main goal is to make you, my client, happy. All tattoos are unique and cherished by the people wearing them, and to do this for you is an honour. I have always loved to draw for myself and friends. I would draw on myself and my notebooks constantly. Tattooing has been a natural and organic evolution of my life and the only career I have enjoyed and striven to master.

Here on this website you will find an array of different tattoos I have created and applied, showcasing what I feel are my best and favourite styles to do. I customise each and every piece I do, and never repeat them, this ensures my clients have something unique, for them and them alone.

So take a gander, and if you see something that sparks you, feel free to send me an email with your ideas. I can't wait to hear them and work with you to make a tattoo you will love forever.